Saturday, 17 November 2012

The Lion and the Mouse

          A Lion lives in the jungle. He is tired and sleepy. He goes to sleep under a tree. A little Mouse comes. He runs up the Lion. The Lion wakes up. He is angry. The Lion catches the Mouse. “I will eat you up!” he roars. “No, no,” says the little Mouse. “Please let me go. I can help you some day.” The Lion laughs and says, “Ha! Ha! Ha! You help me? I will never need your help.” Then he says, “But I will let you go this time.”
          Some days later, the Lion walks into a net. He cannot get out. He cries, “Help! Help!” The little Mouse hears the Lion. He runs to help. The little Mouse says to the Lion, “I will help you.” The little Mouse has sharp teeth. He makes a big hole in the net. The Lion gets out of the net. “Thank you,” he says to the little Mouse.

JWe should not look down on those smaller than ourselves. We may need their help some day.

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