Sunday, 11 November 2012

The Crow and the Pitcher

          It is a hot day. The Crow is thirsty. The Crow flies round and round, looking for water. He comes to a pond. The pond is dry. He goes to a river. The river is dry. Then the Crow sees a pitcher. He flies to the pitcher. The Crow sees some water in the pitcher. He puts his beak into the pitcher. But he cannot reach the water. The Crow puts his head into the pitcher. He still cannot reach the water. The Crow tries to push the pitcher over. The pitcher does not move. The Crow looks about him. He sees some pebbles. The Crow picks up a pepple. He drops it into the pitcher. The Crow picks up another pebble. He drops it into the pitcher, too. The Crow drops more pebbles into the pitcher. Slowly, the water rises. Soon the water is at the top. Now the Crow can reach the water. He begins to drink.

JSometimes we can find the answers by using our heads.

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