Monday, 12 November 2012

The Bundle of Sticks

          The old man has five sons. All his son are strong and hardworking. But they often quarrel. Sometimes they even fight. The old man is very unhappy. He wants his sons to love one another.

        One day, the old man calls his sons together. He shows them a bundle of sticks. He says, “Try to break this bundle of sticks.” One by one, his sons take the bundle of sticks. One by one, they try to break it. But they cannot. The bundle of sticks is too strong.
          Then the old man unties the bundle of sticks. He gives each son a stick. He says, “Try to break the stick.” His sons break the sticks easily. The old man then tells his sons, “A stick by itself is weak. It is strong only in a bundle. “If you boys love each another and you can work well together, you will also be strong.” The boys know their father is right. They never quarrel or fight with one another again.

JIf we work or act as a group, we will be strong.

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