Sunday, 11 November 2012

The Boy and the Wolf

          Tom is a shepherd boy. Tom looks after sheep. He keeps them together. One day, Tom feels very bored. “I will play a trick,” he says. Tom shouts, “Wolf! Wolf! Help!” Many men come. “Where is the wolf?” they ask. Tom laughs and laughs. “There is no wolf,” he says. The men go home. They are angry.
          Some days later, Tom plays the trick again. He shouts, “Wolf! Wolf! Help!” Some men come. They ask, “Where is the wolf?” Tom laughs and laughs. “Go home,” he says. “There is no wolf.” The men are very angry. They say, “Don’t play this trick again.”
          A few days later, a big wolf comes. Tom sees the wolf. He cries, “Wolf! Wolf! Help! Help!” The men say, “It is only a trick. There is no wolf.” The wolf kills many sheep. Tom is afraid. He runs away.

JIf we tell lies, people will not believe us when we tell the truth.

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