Tuesday, 13 November 2012

The Fox and the Grapes

          The fox is very hungry. He goes to look for food. The fox sees a rabbit. He runs after the rabbit. The rabbit runs into a hole. The Fox cannot get into the hole. He goes away. The Fox comes to a farm. He sees some chickens. Just then, the farmer comes along. He chases the Fox away. The Fox then comes to a garden. He sees a grapevine. The vine has many bunches of grapes. “What juicy grapes!” says the Fox. The Fox cannot reach the grapes. They are too high. “If I jump, I may get the grapes,” he says. So he jumps up. He still cannot reach the grapes. The Fox jumps higher. He falls hard on the ground. The Fox jumps again and again. Still he cannot reach the grapes. The Fox stops jumping. “The grapes must be sour,” he says. And he goes away.

JWe should not think badly of things we want but cannot get.

Here's a video of this story...

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