Thursday, 15 November 2012

The Lion and the Hare

          It is evening. The Lion wakes up. The Lion is hungry. He goes to look for food. The Lion goes deep in the forest. He looks around in the jungle. He sees a Hare. The Lion runs after the Hare. He catches the Hare.
          Just then, a Stag runs by. “That Stag will a bigger dinner,” says the Lion. The Lions lets go of the Hare and runs after the Stag. The Stag sees the Lions behind him. He runs faster. The Stag runs so fast, the Lion cannot catch him. The Lion stops running. He is very tired. He is also very hungry.
          “I will go back for the Hare,” he says. The Lion comes back. He looks for the Hare. The Hare is gone! The Lion is very sad. “I shall have no dinner tonight,” he says. “Not even the Hare.”

 JSometimes we will feel happier if we are satisfied with what we have.

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