Monday, 12 November 2012

The Fox and the Crow

          The Crow is hungry. He flies about, looking for food. The Crow sees a piece of cheese. The Crow picks up the cheese. He flies to a tree. The Fox comes. He sees the Crow with the cheese. He wants the cheese. “Hello, Mr Crow,” says the Fox. “How handsome you are! Your feathers are beautiful.” The Crow is very happy. He looks at his feathers proudly. Then the Fox says, “You must have a fine voice, too. Can you sing well?” The Crow nods his head. “Please sing for me,” says the Fox. The Crow opens his mouth to sing, and the cheese drops out! The cheese falls to the ground. The Fox runs to the cheese. He eats up the cheese at once. Then he goes away, laughing.

JWe should be careful with those who are not honest when they praise.

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