Wednesday, 12 December 2012

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Possessive Pronouns

1.   Linda has a piano. It is ___. ( her / hers )

2.   You have a raincoat. It is ___. ( yours / your )

3.   I have these handkerchiefs. These are ___ handkerchiefs. ( mine / my )

4.   This towel belongs to my father. It is ___ towel. ( he / his )

5.   Seng Heng and Wei Wei have some oranges. Those are ___. ( their / theirs )

6.   “That house is ___,” said Wan and Nani. ( ours / our )

7.   Those hats belong to Rashid. They are ___. ( he / his )

8.   The cat has four kittens. The kittens are ___. ( it / its )

9.   That is my pen. The pen is ___. ( my / mine )

10. She has a cat. The cat is ___. ( hers / her )

11. They have many toys. The toys are ___. ( theirs / their )

12. You have a book. The book is ___. ( your / yours )

13. My sister and I have a bicycle. The bicycle is ___. ( our / ours )

14. Kevin has some marbles. The marbles are ___. ( hers / his )

15. This is your pen. The pen is ___. ( yours / your )

Possessive Adjectives

1.   Linda has a piano. It is ___ piano. ( she / her )

2.   You have a raincoat. It is ___ raincoat. ( you / your )

3.   I watch television with ___ parents at night. ( my / me )

4.   The cat watches ___ kittens while they play. ( its / their )

5.   I have these handkerchiefs. These are ___ handkerchiefs. ( me / my )

6.   This towel belongs to my father. It is ___ towel. ( he / his )

7.   Seng Heng and Wei Wei have some oranges. Those are ___ oranges. ( our / their )

8.   “What is ___ name?” said Diana. ( your / you )

9.   I am going to the library with ___ friends. ( their / my )

10. I wash ___ hair three times a week. ( I / my )

11. “That is ___ house,” said Wan and Nani. ( our / we )

12. Those hats belong to Rashid. They are ___ hats. ( he / his )

13. Lisa and Sarah have ____ lunch at 12 o’clock. ( they / their )

14. John makes ___ bed every morning. ( his / her )

15. The cat watches ___ kittens while they play. ( its / their )

Possessive Adjectives & Possessive Pronouns

Children, we are going to learn...

Simple Present Tense

1. He ___ to school everyday. ( walk / walks )

2. She ___ every evening. ( cycles / cycles )

3. I always ___ badminton. ( play / plays )

4. The boys ___ at the canteen. ( eat / eats )

5. Mrs.Lee ___ noodles. ( cook / cooks )

6. They ___ in school. ( study / studies )

7. We ___ to eat durians every Saturday. ( like / likes )

8. You ___ every Tuesday. ( swim / swims )

Children, read the grammar notes below carefully and answer the following questions.

Saturday, 17 November 2012

The Lion and the Mouse

          A Lion lives in the jungle. He is tired and sleepy. He goes to sleep under a tree. A little Mouse comes. He runs up the Lion. The Lion wakes up. He is angry. The Lion catches the Mouse. “I will eat you up!” he roars. “No, no,” says the little Mouse. “Please let me go. I can help you some day.” The Lion laughs and says, “Ha! Ha! Ha! You help me? I will never need your help.” Then he says, “But I will let you go this time.”
          Some days later, the Lion walks into a net. He cannot get out. He cries, “Help! Help!” The little Mouse hears the Lion. He runs to help. The little Mouse says to the Lion, “I will help you.” The little Mouse has sharp teeth. He makes a big hole in the net. The Lion gets out of the net. “Thank you,” he says to the little Mouse.

JWe should not look down on those smaller than ourselves. We may need their help some day.

Thursday, 15 November 2012

The Lion and the Hare

          It is evening. The Lion wakes up. The Lion is hungry. He goes to look for food. The Lion goes deep in the forest. He looks around in the jungle. He sees a Hare. The Lion runs after the Hare. He catches the Hare.
          Just then, a Stag runs by. “That Stag will a bigger dinner,” says the Lion. The Lions lets go of the Hare and runs after the Stag. The Stag sees the Lions behind him. He runs faster. The Stag runs so fast, the Lion cannot catch him. The Lion stops running. He is very tired. He is also very hungry.
          “I will go back for the Hare,” he says. The Lion comes back. He looks for the Hare. The Hare is gone! The Lion is very sad. “I shall have no dinner tonight,” he says. “Not even the Hare.”

 JSometimes we will feel happier if we are satisfied with what we have.

Tuesday, 13 November 2012

The Fox and the Grapes

          The fox is very hungry. He goes to look for food. The fox sees a rabbit. He runs after the rabbit. The rabbit runs into a hole. The Fox cannot get into the hole. He goes away. The Fox comes to a farm. He sees some chickens. Just then, the farmer comes along. He chases the Fox away. The Fox then comes to a garden. He sees a grapevine. The vine has many bunches of grapes. “What juicy grapes!” says the Fox. The Fox cannot reach the grapes. They are too high. “If I jump, I may get the grapes,” he says. So he jumps up. He still cannot reach the grapes. The Fox jumps higher. He falls hard on the ground. The Fox jumps again and again. Still he cannot reach the grapes. The Fox stops jumping. “The grapes must be sour,” he says. And he goes away.

JWe should not think badly of things we want but cannot get.

Here's a video of this story...

Monday, 12 November 2012

The Fox and the Crow

          The Crow is hungry. He flies about, looking for food. The Crow sees a piece of cheese. The Crow picks up the cheese. He flies to a tree. The Fox comes. He sees the Crow with the cheese. He wants the cheese. “Hello, Mr Crow,” says the Fox. “How handsome you are! Your feathers are beautiful.” The Crow is very happy. He looks at his feathers proudly. Then the Fox says, “You must have a fine voice, too. Can you sing well?” The Crow nods his head. “Please sing for me,” says the Fox. The Crow opens his mouth to sing, and the cheese drops out! The cheese falls to the ground. The Fox runs to the cheese. He eats up the cheese at once. Then he goes away, laughing.

JWe should be careful with those who are not honest when they praise.

The Crow and the Swan

          It is a hot day. The Crow goes to the lake to drink. The Crow is thirsty. He drinks and drinks. While the Crow is drinking, a Swan glides by. The Swan is very beautiful. She is white all over. The Crow says to the Swan, “How beautiful you look! I wish I were white like you.” The Swan does not reply. She glides away. The Crow comes to the lake every day. He comes to look at the Swan. The Crow says to himself, I may become white, too.”

          So he goes into the water. Soon the Crow comes out of the water. He looks at himself all over. He is wet, but still black. The Crow then says to himself, “If I stay in the water, I may become white.” So he goes into the water again. The Crow stays in the water the whole day and night. By morning, the Crow feels very cold. He comes out of the water. The Crow looks at himself all over. He is still black. The Crow is very sad. He goes away.

JWe should think carefully before we copy others.

The Bundle of Sticks

          The old man has five sons. All his son are strong and hardworking. But they often quarrel. Sometimes they even fight. The old man is very unhappy. He wants his sons to love one another.

        One day, the old man calls his sons together. He shows them a bundle of sticks. He says, “Try to break this bundle of sticks.” One by one, his sons take the bundle of sticks. One by one, they try to break it. But they cannot. The bundle of sticks is too strong.
          Then the old man unties the bundle of sticks. He gives each son a stick. He says, “Try to break the stick.” His sons break the sticks easily. The old man then tells his sons, “A stick by itself is weak. It is strong only in a bundle. “If you boys love each another and you can work well together, you will also be strong.” The boys know their father is right. They never quarrel or fight with one another again.

JIf we work or act as a group, we will be strong.

Sunday, 11 November 2012

Let's have a look of our school children performing at Kluang Mall during English Week...Enjoy!

Mary Had A Little Lamb 

Hey children, after listning to the song, please fill in the blanks for the lyrics of this Nursery Rhyme:

Enjoy watching children!

Mary had a ______ lamb,
Little lamb, little lamb,
Mary had a little lamb,
Its fleece was ______ as snow

Everywhere that Mary ______,
Mary went, Mary went,
Everywhere that Mary went
The lamb was ______to go

It followed ______ to school one day
School one day, school one day
It followed her to school one day
Which was against the ______ .

It made the ________ laugh and play,
Laugh and play, laugh and play,
It made the children laugh and play
To see the lamb at ______ .

And so the ________ turned it out,
Turned it out, turned it out,
And so the teacher turned it out,
But still it lingered ______

"Why does the lamb ______ Mary so?"
Love Mary so? Love Mary so?
"Why does the lamb love Mary so?"
The eager children ______

"Why, Mary ______ the lamb, you know."
the lamb, you know, the lamb, you know
"Why, Mary loves the lamb, you know."
The teacher did ______.

The Farmer and His Magic Goose

          The farmer has a goose. The goose is a magic goose. She lays golden eggs. The magic goose lays one golden egg every day. The farmer sells the golden eggs. He buys food for his family. They are happy.
          One day, the farmer goes to town. He sees big houses everywhere. He says to himself, “I wish I had a big house.” The farmer comes home. He tells his wife. “Let’s buy a big house.” His wife says, “We need a lot of money. Let’s kill the goose and sell all the golden eggs inside her.”
          The farmer goes to catch the goose. His wife goes to get a basket for the eggs. The farmer catches the goose. He kills the goose. But he finds no golden eggs in the goose. The farmer is very sad. Now he has no magic goose.

JIf we are greedy, we may even lose what we have.  

The Crow and the Pitcher

          It is a hot day. The Crow is thirsty. The Crow flies round and round, looking for water. He comes to a pond. The pond is dry. He goes to a river. The river is dry. Then the Crow sees a pitcher. He flies to the pitcher. The Crow sees some water in the pitcher. He puts his beak into the pitcher. But he cannot reach the water. The Crow puts his head into the pitcher. He still cannot reach the water. The Crow tries to push the pitcher over. The pitcher does not move. The Crow looks about him. He sees some pebbles. The Crow picks up a pepple. He drops it into the pitcher. The Crow picks up another pebble. He drops it into the pitcher, too. The Crow drops more pebbles into the pitcher. Slowly, the water rises. Soon the water is at the top. Now the Crow can reach the water. He begins to drink.

JSometimes we can find the answers by using our heads.

The Boy and the Wolf

          Tom is a shepherd boy. Tom looks after sheep. He keeps them together. One day, Tom feels very bored. “I will play a trick,” he says. Tom shouts, “Wolf! Wolf! Help!” Many men come. “Where is the wolf?” they ask. Tom laughs and laughs. “There is no wolf,” he says. The men go home. They are angry.
          Some days later, Tom plays the trick again. He shouts, “Wolf! Wolf! Help!” Some men come. They ask, “Where is the wolf?” Tom laughs and laughs. “Go home,” he says. “There is no wolf.” The men are very angry. They say, “Don’t play this trick again.”
          A few days later, a big wolf comes. Tom sees the wolf. He cries, “Wolf! Wolf! Help! Help!” The men say, “It is only a trick. There is no wolf.” The wolf kills many sheep. Tom is afraid. He runs away.

JIf we tell lies, people will not believe us when we tell the truth.

The Ant and the Grasshopper

The Ant and the Grasshopper are friends. They meet and play every day. One day, the Ant says to the Grasshopper, “The rain will come soon. Let us gather some food.” “There is time still,” says the Grasshopper. “Let us play.” The Ant does not want to play. He goes away to gather food. The Ant works hard. The Grasshopper does not work. He sings and plays all day. He laughs at the Ant and says, “You silly Ant, why do you work so hard? Come and play.” The Ant does not play with the grasshopper. He goes on working.

          One morning, the rains come. It rains and rains and rains. It rains for many days. The Grasshopper has no food. He is very hungry. He goes to see the Ant. He asks the Ant for food. “I cannot give you any food,” says the Ant. “I need the food myself.” The Grasshopper goes away sadly.

JWe should always save up for the future.