Sunday, 11 November 2012

The Farmer and His Magic Goose

          The farmer has a goose. The goose is a magic goose. She lays golden eggs. The magic goose lays one golden egg every day. The farmer sells the golden eggs. He buys food for his family. They are happy.
          One day, the farmer goes to town. He sees big houses everywhere. He says to himself, “I wish I had a big house.” The farmer comes home. He tells his wife. “Let’s buy a big house.” His wife says, “We need a lot of money. Let’s kill the goose and sell all the golden eggs inside her.”
          The farmer goes to catch the goose. His wife goes to get a basket for the eggs. The farmer catches the goose. He kills the goose. But he finds no golden eggs in the goose. The farmer is very sad. Now he has no magic goose.

JIf we are greedy, we may even lose what we have.  

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